Little Chinese Doll
Better late than never. I guess.
Used to draw in high school, but they were pretty much just copying shit and I never put any seriousness in it. Never drew anything of my own, or had the desire to draw well back then. 

Better late than never. I guess.

Used to draw in high school, but they were pretty much just copying shit and I never put any seriousness in it. Never drew anything of my own, or had the desire to draw well back then. 

I had this Superbat idea (duh), related to the JLU episode, The Man Who Has Everything. 

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The Batman/Superman Movie: World’s Finest, a.k.a. The Movie Where Superman and Batman Decided They Should Fuck

A message from blackfoxriot
Oh man I don't even care how bad the movies are the bots are sexy as hell


I thought the movies were great. Greater if there were fewer humans. xD

TMNT March
Brian Tyler

Adolescent Genetically Altered Shinobi Terrapins

"You were supposed to pack that first!"

"I was excited about spending the day at the beach, okay! It’s not like I can’t buy any. And what about you! You’re not supposed to be working anyway. It’s our honeymoon!"

"If I left Dick alone in my office, we’d be broke by tomorrow!"

epicscienceninja replied to your post: I don’t get how the TMNT movie “ruins …

Go ninja go is way better than shell shock. Movie was mostly disliked due to Megan Fox’s portrayal of April oneil. Its written as if she was the main character and everything revolved around her.

I didn’t say Shell Shocked is better than Go Ninja Go. I didn’t say Go Ninja Go was better than Shell Shocked. What I said, is that it FITS the movie, and it FITS the time, which is 2014. NOW. The turtles are teenagers NOW, not teenagers in the 90s. 

And if it’s disliked because of Megan Fox, that’s stupid. It’s HOW she was written. 


Jeez is there anything people like these days. Everything’s all too this and too that. It’s not 90s enough, it’s not 80s enough, it’s not dorky enough. Too much butt, too much this and too little that. You guys go write and direct the movie go ahead.

Well, people. You watched that shit in the 80s and the 90s. Sure it rocked back then. You were a child. What rocked back then, is different from what is rocking now.  

People at the cinema, you don’t decide what you want to watch when you’re at the counter buying tickets. You’re suppose to enter the mall, heck, you’re supposed to wake up that day you decided you want to watch a movie, with the movie you want to watch already finalized. You’re not supposed to stand at the counter for ten fucking minutes FIGURING OUT WHAT TO FUCKING WATCH. FUCKING ASSHOLES.

I don’t get how the TMNT movie “ruins everything.”

Even if I didn’t grow up with the turtles, I enjoyed it a lot. If they did lift it directly from the series, then people might have complained din. It’s too cheesy, etc, etc.

It’s a new look at it. It’s not geared towards you guys who watched it in the 80s and 90s. It’s geared towards the kids of today, and the cinematic taste of the people NOW. Not THEN. 

If they’d made them dorky like they were back in the 90s, the CGI versions of them would probably be terrifying. 

They say they look like mini hulks. I know someone who’s been training since he was 16. He’s 21 now, and he looks HUGE. These guys have been training since they were KIDS. Obviously they’d grow up to look like that. So it’s not impossible to look like that as a teenager. Plus, they’re mutants. 

"They’re not fighting crime, they’re fighting a standard supervillain."

So be my guest if you want a two hour long movie with the turtles just fighting crime and there’s no given main antagonist or big baddie. Just them saving old ladies whose bags have been stolen. That makes so much sense. A movie about a bunch of teenage superheroes that don’t face against a supervillain. I get you! 

Sorry if the plot turned out so cartoonish to you. OH RIGHT! BECAUSE TMNT WAS A CARTOON SERIES. 

And the SONG. Jesus Christ, what is with you people and Shell Shocked? Do you want something like Go Ninja Go? And then people will go ‘it’s so fucking cheesy and 90s.’ They say it has nothing to do with the turtles. It has everything to do with the turtles. The song is all about them fighting, living, loving each other. They’re all references!

They wanted a song with the same hype and sound as the movie, and I think it fits because the turtles are TEENAGERS IN 2014, not teenagers from the 80s or the 90s. 

Whew, I got that out. 

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