1. I tried. 

    I tried. 

  2. Where was that awesome utility belt article from? Also, can you make pics of Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman from Injustice mobile?

    The post about contents of the Utility belt? That was from a book. :D From this book: 

    I’m sorry, I can’t make any pics of Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman because I don’t have her yet. :( 

    I have a massive sweet tooth. Candy, cakes, soda-all for the taking. It's gotten to the point where I have several snacks stashed around the house.

    We’re the opposite! I’m a big dessert person, but I don’t have a sweet tooth. I almost never have anything sweet around (except soda, but I don’t drink much of that either; I can’t even finish a 350ml bottle of coke).

    I don’t avoid sweets, I eat them, yeah, but I seldom eat them that if I drink a milkshake in the afternoon, by dinnertime, I’d have a sore throat and that’ll quickly escalate to a really bad cough and cold. 

    Remember that post of the Belgian chocolate milk me and my friend made? I have a really bad sore throat now. And I’m barking like a dog.

    But when I’m hungry I can finish a Tupperware of cheesecake or mango floats. I don’t give a shit if I get a bad throat after I WILL FINISH ALL OF IT. 

    TIMKON. (⊙ヮ⊙)
    • Name: Conroy
    • Gender: Male
    • General Appearance: Broad shouldered and lean, just as tall as Kon and he likes it that he’s taller than Tim.
    • Personality: He has Tim’s brains and Kon’s looks and charm. He can be pretty loud and rambunctious but can focus on homework longer than Kon ever could. He loves learning anything Kryptonian from Grandpa Kal, learning flips from Uncle Dick, and hates red solar training rooms with Grandpa Bruce and Uncle Damian. 
    • Special Talents: Mixing Grandpa Bruce’s predatory techniques with his speed.
    • Who they like better: Kon, because Kon knows how to have fun. But Tim makes mean pancakes and Kon can’t cook to save his life.
    • Who they take after more: Kon. 
    • Personal Headcanon: Even though he likes being flown around and being taught to control his powers, he likes it better when Bruce and Damian teach him how to fight without them. And when he was a kid, he used to fly out of his parents’ apartment at 3am (causing a freak out) to go to Bruce at the manor and sneaks in the Batcave because he tells stories way better than Tim, Kon or Clark. And then he falls asleep on Bruce’s lap while he’s working on the Batcomputer.
  3. shieldedsmart:

    • Name:
    • Gender:
    • General Appearance:
    • Personality:
    • Special Talents:
    • Who they like better:
    • Who they take after more:
    • Personal Headcanon:
  4. i prefer to hand write everything because i really enjoy my own handwriting

    I used to have really bad handwriting. I used to write slow as fuck. So what I did was I wrote everything and anything on paper. I’d rewrite anything I’d see, so now I enjoy my handwriting. 

    There are times that I’d write whole chapters of my fanfics on ruled paper, or in a notebook, then I’d type it down and add more stuff, so I’m kinda like betaing my own work.

    There was a time when, I didn’t have a laptop yet, my mom found one of the notebooks and read a chapter. I still don’t know what she thought about it. That was nine years ago. I have never let her read anything when I started out, until now I haven’t let her read any fics I’ve written. She’s read articles I’ve written for the school paper, and for a website I currently contribute to, but never any fics, fluff or otherwise.

    I'm a huge icehockey fan. I live in England so none of my family,friends or anyone I know irl likes it - I literally caught a game on tv and fell in love with dudes on tiny blades on a slippery surface squishing and hugging each other

    Oohh, sports!

    I love watching basketball games. I prefer it live than on TV, because the energy just pours off the people and I love that I share that energy. I love watching basketball games, but I’m not too fond of the game itself. But man, I love it when the dudes bump against each other, hit each other’s ass on a ggwp, and make all those fantabulous poses like their the prima donna. Gurl, those shoes are AMAZING, where’d you get them? 

    Usually I just ask my dad which color we’re cheering for. xD

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