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Kevin Conroy is Batman. 



Steve Jablonksy and Imagine Dragons - Leave Planet Earth Alone vs Battle Cry

Boredom strikes! So I did a thing. An Age of Extinction video! I was able to upload it somewhere! I hope it won’t get a copyright strike. YouTube sucks. Though I don’t know how to set the quality on embedded video.

And it’s not as HD as I would like it because the whole thing on HD at 1080 is a monster at 22gb AVI, I was able to get it down to 444mb WMV, then down to 100mb AVI, and 60mb FLV, and now this is a 30MB AVI. (I have shitty internet so I am NOT uploading 100mb videos).

I really liked how Leave Planet Earth Alone by Steve Jablonsky and Battle Cry by Imagine Dragons sounded together. I read that Jablonsky and Imagine Dragons worked together on the music for TF4, so that’s probably why the two songs sound so good together. So I stitched up a little video.

There’s a problem with a clip of the Western Star truck at the end. I don’t know what happened with the editing. Though I’m very sure I cut and split that part properly. Maybe it’s with the publishing, probably with the frame or bit rate, I don’t know. 

Also, I know there’s too much Optimus and Bumblebee, but can you blame me? There isn’t much of anybody else in the movie. Daddimus Prime and his yellow sparkling got most of the action. Hound had some stuff, the “fat ballerina” thing and the action sequence with Cade, but I wanted something that would show their badassery without using clips with the camera too far away from them (I know that slow mo part with Hound, but I didn’t like that for the video). Drift, well, I might have missed something with him but the most badass part he’s got is when he slices a Vehicon in half.  And Crosshairs’ slow mo. That is one of my favorite parts. And I didn’t have anywhere to put Lockdown’s slow mo-walking-towards-Optimus-who’s-beating-the-shit-out-of-Galvatron because I ran out of song. xD

I’m not a master at stuff like this, but I tried. That is all.  

Dad once dropped me off at the bus stop and there was a 2012 yellow Camaro with the exact same paint job as Bee with the black sports stripes and I just screamed before I got off the car. “BUMBLEBEEEEE.”

Jeff Kline, executive producer of “Transformers Prime” on making TFP for Hasbro as an advertisement. [ x ]

Guys, shut up about Peter Cullen. If he wants Bay back, that means he wants Bay back for TF5. If you don’t like Bay, that’s your problem, but don’t hate on Peter. Peter likes the way Bay directs him. THAT’S WHY HE WANTS HIM BACK.

He wants Bay back because Bay is a terrific director, NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK. He IS. You’re just angry because he “ruined Transformers” or that he “ruined TMNT.” Well, if you hate him so much, DON’T WATCH HIS MOVIES. 

I for one am all for Bay coming back. I like his direction. I like the explosions and the CGI. If there’s anyone who has to go, it’s the people who wrote RoTF.