If you can help, please do! A typhoon hit the country and it’s barely moving, and it’s pulling in the monsoon rain. It’s been raining non-stop for the last three days. The waters are deeper than chest high in some areas, and in some, people have resorted to retreating to their roofs just to stay away from the water. 

A lot of people have already lost their homes, people are stranded and don’t have any food or water. People who are blessed and lucky enough to stay dry are doing their best to send relief efforts, but the places that need the help are still inaccessible because of the deep waters.

You can donate to the De La Salle University Sagip Metro 4Philippine Red Cross or the Ayala Foundation. (1 USD = 43.7 PHP). 

Please reblog and spread if you can’t donate. My countrymen need the help! Thank you so much for reading! Just your attention is appreciated.